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A born leader, Terry's skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Jillian | Marketing

Jillian spends her days dreaming of nabbing the top spot on ThemeForest. We think she's on to something.

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Frank | Legal

Frank was born to perform litigious duties. He may be all smiles here, but he's deadly in the courtroom.

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About Thule Travel

ThuleTravel ThuleTravel is a fully licensed coach service with over 30 years of experience in the travel and transportation industry. Our fleet consists of coaches of various types and sizes to meet our client’s wishes. Most of our coaches have WIFI and AC. Our drivers have extensive experience of driving (in Icelandic circumstances) around the island, they are skilled and know their trade well. Our main hallmark is our strong and skillful employees, providing a personal superb service. Thule Travel came into being after it was bought by Guðbjartur Karl Ingibergsson in 1999. The company‘s first bus, a Mercedes-Benz Integro, was bought the same year, and is still around today, perhaps symbolizing the company‘s resilience and longevity. Thule Travel‘s primary goal was providing services to foreign tourists and tourist offices, and today it has a thriving clientele from across the world. The company also caters to the Icelandic market, conducting VIP tours and staff outings, among others. Thule Travel‘s most popular tours are the day tours, specifically the Summers- Golden Circle Tours, South Coast Tours and Silver Circle Tours. Another in-demand tour is the Northern Lights Tour that begins at the end of August and continues util 22. of April the next year. Even though Thule Travel has been growing with each passing year, it‘s aim is not to go the corporate way and become too big and lose sight of its core client base that keeps returning because of the warmth and personal touch provided by the company.

What We Do